What are the benefits of refrigerating my skincare products?  

Refrigerating skincare and beauty products helps prolong product shelf life and prevent bacteria growth. By placing your products in a cooler environment you can keep them fresher for longer, especially for natural and organic products. Products with active ingredients that are exposed to hot or humid environments will oxidize, therefore making them less effective. 

Some benefits of applying cool refrigerated product are that they assist in the reduction of skin inflammation, redness and tighten the pores. For example: applying a chilled eye cream can help deflate under- eye bags more quickly by reducing puffiness and boosting circulation, making it more effective.  

What can i store in my Monfrigo 

  • Moisturisers 
  • Eye Gel and Creams 
  • Toner and Serums 
  • Face masks (sheet and cream) 
  • Retinol  
  • Vitamin C and products with benzoyl peroxide  
  • Facial tool I.e. Jade roller, Gua sha 
  • Facial mists   
  • Natural skincare products  
  • Perfumes
  • Nail polish 

 What can I store in the hot setting? 

Monfrigo fridges also come with a heating function which allows you to store products such as wax, facial towels and massage stones. To use the heating function, simply turn the power switch from cold to hot on the bottom right side of your fridge.  

Where can I store my fridge? 

We recommend storing your fridge on a dry and flat surface away from any sources of heat, direct sunlight, humidity, liquids, and sharp objects. Please ensure you do not obstruct the backside of the fridge and leave enough space, minimum of 4 inches or 10cm should be allowed for ventilation.  

What is the cooling and heating temperature? 

The cooling functions can cool down to 4ºC- 5ºC at 25˚C ambient or heat up to 60ºC by set point thermostat. 

Do you provide warranty on Monfrigo skincare fridges? 

Yes, the fridge comes with a 12 month warranty. Please refer to our warranty and returns policy for more information. 

How long is my order processing time?  

Once you have successfully placed your order with us, we dispatch your order the next working day. 

How long does the shipping take? 

Australia Post: 3-6 business days 

Courier services (Sydney Metro) : 2-4 business days

We do not offer express shipping at this point but endeavour to do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible.  

Do you offer price guarantees?  

Unfortunately we do not offer price guarantees on your purchase. We are unable to provide any refunds if your item goes on sale post your purchase.