Our story

Hi beautiful people

I’m Maryam founder of Monfrigo

Self-care has always been of utmost importance to me, more precisely skincare has. I was always obsessed with glowing skin! Even as a teenager, when I couldn’t really pick highlighter from bronzer. I knew all I loved was the glow! It was also then that I realized makeup alone wouldn’t give me that “glow’. That’s when the “Skinvestment” started. I used to keep my skincare products in the kitchen fridge on really hot days; and then I became addicted to the chilled feel of the products and started keeping them in the fridge year-round. All i wanted was to protect my skincare products given i was spending so much money on each product. It was in winter that I realized the setting was too cold and it was doing my products more harm than good.

In 2019 whilst travelling in Europe, I came across a mini fridge in a beauty store and thought “I have to have one!”. Upon returning home, I searched high and low for something similar and only managed to find a “barely there” version of the mini fridge. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, the fridge had a loud humming noise and broke down twice. It didn’t help that I didn’t have much luck returning it to the seller and ended up throwing it out. Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands and that my friends gave birth to Monfrigo. All I really wanted was a pretty little fridge with high quality/ low noise that was candy to the eyes, and more importantly would keep my products in the right temperature.

Monfrigo is designed to keep all your products at the recommended optimal temperature to extend your skincare shelf life and prevent any bacteria growth; especially for organic products and/or products inclusive of active ingredients. Our fridges are designed to be noiseless along with the dual functionality of the cold and hot setting so you can go about your day while we protect your beloved beauty products.

Our products go through extensive independent third party checks to ensure we are providing you high quality products. We provide you with 7 day customer support and aim to give you the best customer service.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of our products to ensure you get the most out of your beauty tools, and to enhance your self-care journey.


Maryam x